How to Accompany Children Learning at Home

How to Accompany Children Learning at Home

Accompanying children learning at home is a task for parents. Adaptation is needed considering that activities have changed and everyone has to adapt. Even the most felt when children should get education at school but have to be at home. This situation is not only hard on the kids, but hard on you too. Moreover, the current learning system is clearly very different from what parents received when they were at school. It is not easy to adapt to accompanying children when learning with new habits like today. Most parents when accompanying their children learning at home are often carried away by emotions and are impatient. Obstacles like this make the process of understanding the material inefficient and even make children depressed. Therefore learning how to be successful in accompanying so that it feels more enjoyable. The following are several ways to accompany children to learning at home.

Children Learning

1. Prioritize Fun Atmosphere

The first important thing to pay attention to is the atmosphere at home so that the child is even more excited. For example by creating a special place where children can concentrate and focus on the learning process. So that parents are also easier to accompany children without any interference from other family members.

2. Communication with the teacher

The process of distance learning during the pandemic certainly utilized even more modern technology. This often makes you a little slow to understand every guide from the teacher. Therefore, while accompanying children, don’t hesitate to communicate with the teacher, whatever your difficulties are.

3. More Creative in Parenting

Parenting is the main key to the success of doing chores at home during a pandemic like this. You don’t have to be strict with rules for your child to learn them. However, make the parenting pattern as creative as possible so that when accompanying children you feel comfortable.

4. Become a Motivator

When learning that should be done at school has to change at home, it certainly makes children more stressed. They cannot meet with friends, every day their activities are only at home and not allowed to go anywhere. So it is very important for your role as a motivator to get excited again and want to learn tasks without coercion.

5. Awareness for Mutual Understanding

How to successfully accompany children to study at home by being aware of understanding each other. If you feel smart, you will definitely be impatient when teaching lessons and tend to get angry. So it is important to position yourself and learn from each other so that the mentoring process is not boring and seeks knowledge from each other.