How to dealing with children who lack concentration and focus

How to dealing with children who lack concentration and focus

Lack of concentration and focus can be a serious problem for children. Because, concentration and focus are needed to support your little one in learning and living life every day. Not infrequently, children’s focus problems can lead to reduced achievement in school.

Even so, the problem of children who lack concentration and focus can actually be overcome quite easily.

concentration and focus

Clinical Psychologist and Director of the Stress and Resilience Program at the Child Mind Institute, Jamie Meter. Howard likened concentration to a muscle that requires regular exercise to become stronger. Therefore, parents can help train concentration and focus on children.

Come on, let’s listen to the method of training children’s focus together in this post!

Lack of Child Focus

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorderĀ  is a condition that affects the human body and behavior. People with tend to have trouble focusing, seem agitated, act on instinct, and so on. indications can arise from an early age.

Many children go through a phase where they are worried or neglectful of something. Of course, this condition is fairly reasonable and does not mean that your little one.

However, you must discuss your concerns with the teacher or doctor, if for you your little one’s attitude may be different from the majority of children his age.

The human age continues to increase, so it becomes easier to find out whether someoneĀ  or not. Clinically, can be detected by a fairly long series of tests.

Triggers for Children Lack of Concentration and Focus

Before discussing methods to increase children’s concentration, Mother must first recognize the triggers for children to be less focused.

The lack of concentration and focus of children can be caused by various things. Some of the triggers include the following:

Obstacles all around

Obstacles in a nearby area, such as the sound of television, radio, or the cheerful laughter of a friend can disturb a child’s concentration while studying. Because, children are basically very easily attracted to the surrounding area. Therefore, when faced with external obstacles, your little one’s concentration will easily be divided.

Lack of rest

Like old people, children also need rest or sleep at night for 8 hours per day. Because, lack of sleep can lower your little one’s concentration and focus. Children who sleep less than 8 hours at night will be short of energy so that they have difficulty concentrating the next day.

Lack of nutrition

Adequacy of nutrition is an important aspect for increasing children’s cognitive functions. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that children get adequate nutrition so that their concentration and focus on learning does not falter.

The child is looking for attention

Children sometimes act fussy, don’t want to complete homework, have difficulty focusing and don’t want to concentrate on studying because they want to attract parental attention. Therefore, mothers should give sufficient attention and affection to children so that they can focus and concentrate more easily when studying.


Another trigger that often disturbs the concentration and focus of children is trauma. Family problems, such as divorce or parental quarrels, will cause trauma which in the end disturbs the concentration and focus of the little one. Conversely, children who develop in a harmonious family want to be free from trauma so that their concentration in learning also increases.

5 Methods for Dealing with Children who Lack Concentration

The lack of concentration and focus can be a real problem for children if not resolved quickly. Here are 5 methods of dealing with children who lack concentration:

Avoid children from distractions

The method of dealing with children who lack concentration is to keep them away from obstacles. Because, obstacles from close areas can interfere with concentration and focus. You can apply several methods to get rid of obstacles from children while studying, such as turning off the TV or radio and making the room quiet and safe.

Practice mindfulness

One method of training children’s focus is to invite them to practice mindfulness. Because, based on research results, proven mindfulness exercises can help improve concentration and focus. Exercising yoga can be a method of teaching children who are not focused. Mother can invite the child to sit quietly and focus on the breath that goes in and out.

Invite children to play concentration games

Some games can also be a way to increase children’s concentration. Mothers can invite children to play Rubik’s Cube, arrange blocks, or sing while holding their shoulders, knees and feet, to train their concentration and focus. Another concentration game is putting together puzzles.

Do one subject at a time

Some people may think that doing many things at one time is a good thing. However, in reality this is not the case. Because, doing many things at one time can actually lower concentration.

Therefore, children should be accustomed to doing one thing at a time to train their focus. An easy example is not letting children study while watching the radio, watching TV, or eating.

Make sure the consumption of nutrition and adequate rest for children

The way to increase children’s concentration that must be tried is to make sure they get the right nutritional intake for their age and needs.

To meet your little one’s daily nutritional needs, Mother can provide protein-rich foods, such as eggs, nuts, meat, or milk.

Apart from nutrition, Mother must also ensure that the child gets enough time to rest or sleep at night. Because, a child who sleeps less than 8 hours per day at night, will not get enough energy to carry out his activities the next day.