How to Practice Public Speaking at Home

How to Practice Public Speaking at Home

The ability to speak in front of many people is also called public speaking which requires special skills and can be obtained from practice. Speaking in front of many people is not an easy matter. Even for some people speaking in public is a scary thing, especially for someone who is shy. Even so, the ability to speak in public is needed, especially for those who want to enter the world of work. Because there is a moment that requires workers to make presentations or meet with clients. Not only that, public speaking is also needed, especially at an official or formal event. To practice public speaking, it can be done even from home. Here are some ways to practice public speaking at home:

Public Speaking

Increase Confidence

This is the most important thing that everyone should have, especially if you want to do public speaking. Confident people can certainly easily speak in public without experiencing obstacles. The key is only one that is to believe and believe that everyone has advantages that can be shown to many people. Never be ashamed or afraid of other people’s opinions.

Talking in front of a mirror

Train yourself to be able to become public speaking is to practice in front of a mirror. The trick is quite easy, try to pretend to speak by giving a speech. By talking to the mirror, a person can know how facial expressions when speaking, whether it is in accordance with the content of the speech or not. Keep in mind that facial expressions must also be in harmony with intonation when speaking. Also pay attention to body gestures such as hand movements, head, to when moving the body. May perform certain movements which of course must be in accordance with the content of the speech and should not be done excessively.

Watching Videos

The video in question is a video about a speaker who has the best public speaking skills. There are many expert speakers who can be used as inspiration and practice material for public speaking. People who are used to public speaking certainly have gestures, intonations, and speech styles that can attract the attention of many people. Write down things that are considered important and help in practicing public speaking when you are at home.

Record Yourself While Talking

You can practice public speaking by recording yourself speaking in a video. It doesn’t have to be a long video, if you have watched the video recording. Give yourself an assessment and note what not to do as material to improve yourself when doing the next public speaking. Do it repeatedly until you get satisfactory results.

Train Yourself to Speak in Front of the Family

Talking in front of a mirror or to yourself is not enough to make someone a good conversationalist. Because the main purpose of practicing public speaking is to speak in front of many people. Start practicing speaking in front of family members or closest friends. Do not forget to make eye contact with them, and also pay attention to the intonation of voice, body movements, and the tempo when speaking. Standing in front of many people is not just conveying the contents of a speech. Also pay attention to their expressions and reactions, whether they look interested or bored with the topic being discussed.

Ask for criticism and suggestions

After practicing speaking in front of family or friends, don’t forget to ask for criticism and suggestions. Maybe they are not experts in speaking in front of many people or indeed not a public speaking. But from them it can be seen what shortcomings were found while talking so that later it can be improved so that it will be even better in the future. Practicing public speaking, especially at home, is not easy. However, if someone intends to improve their public speaking skills, of course they must practice diligently and diligently to get used to speaking in public.