The Importance of Child Education in Various Matters

Child education is the most important thing for all parents. Parents not only have the responsibility to meet the financial needs of their children, but also have the responsibility to provide early childhood education. Education provided to children must include a variety of things, such as education to save from an early age, education about sex education, and so forth.

Educating Children to Save Early

Educating children to save early is something that must be instilled by parents. Saving money is a means to shape the character of children so they can spend money wisely. Also, saving teaches saving lives from an early age. Here’s how to educate the importance of saving money for children.

1. Introduce the Function of Money

The first thing parents must do to educate children about the importance of saving is to introduce the function of money. Parents can tell children that money is a medium of exchange that can be used to get an item or service that is worth a certain amount. Parents not only introduce the function of money but also provide education about various forms of money and their differences

2. Differentiating Shopping and Saving

How to educate children about the importance of saving can be done by giving them an understanding of the difference between shopping and saving activities. Children must know that shopping is an activity to spend money while saving is an activity to save money.

3. Understand Where Basic & Side Needs

Children’s education about the importance of saving can also be done by giving them an understanding of the differences in basic needs and side needs. Children must know the kinds of needs that must take precedence and needs that are merely mere lifestyle. This education can be done in stages starting from the knowledge of various basic needs, namely clothing, food, and shelter.

4. Wise Financial Management

The most important thing to educate children to save is to make wise financial management. Parents can give a normal amount of allowance every day, not too much and not too little. The ideal amount for children who are new to money is around ten thousand. Parents must educate their children to have seven thousand rupiahs to shop for their needs.

5. Make a Piggy Bank Together

Children’s education on the importance of saving can also be done by making a piggy bank together. However, children must first know the function of the piggy bank they will make. They must know that the piggy bank is a place to save money. Piggybank can be made together with the child to create quality time with the baby. Let children be creative in making their piggy bank by their imagination.